Flutter Project

This was a project that I completed for my computer science research class. My research question was, "Is learning and using Flutter a better alternative to making separate Android and iOS apps?”
Flutter is a UI dev kit used to develop cross platform apps. Flutter apps are written in the Dart programming language.
The application that I made was planned to be an app that stores a user’s “virtual library." The app uses the Google Books api that accepts search terms, then returns a json with book titles and corresponding data such as isbn and author(s). Using the app, a user can look up books and add the title to their library so they can keep track of books they have read, would like to read, or are currently reading.
I did not implement all of the planned features in time for the due date, because most of my time was spent wrestling the Google Books json with Dart, a language I had just begun learning. The video demonstrates the application running on an iPhone emulator, and an android phone.